Who are the Jesuits?

Society of Jesus, popularly known as Jesuits is one of the religious orders in the Catholic Church. It was founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola and his companions. Since its inception the Society of Jesus has been active in the field of Education.

Today there are about 20,000 Jesuits working in 113 countries around the world. Jesuits are involved in an extraordinary variety of activities which range from helping to research the construction of the Hubble telescope to living with primitive indigenous people in the Brazilian rain forest. They run universities, colleges and schools. They preach retreats and direct Spiritual Exercises for large numbers of people searching for God. They write books, edit reviews run radio and television stations. They are involved in direct pastoral work in rural parishes, urban centres, inner-city churches and specialized institutions. They are struggling for justice alongside the marginalized and poor in some of the most repressive societies in the world. They have been poets, artists, anthropologists, mathematicians, discoverers or simple plodders leading a routine life teaching Latin to little boys.

Today eight thousand men are involved in higher education and in Universities; the Society is above all an order of educationists. The world wide Jesuit Society has more than 2000 educational institutions of various types providing education for more than 15,00,000 young people and adults all over the world. In India alone there are more than 25 degree colleges and atleast seven Colleges of Education. Loyola College of Education is proud to be part of such a vast network of prestigious educational institutions and people..

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