community service


The college Social Service Club takes active part in serving students at upgraded Primary School, Laltanr, a local government school , by conducting classes on Saturdays.  The Eco club members are active in planting trees during rainy season and look after the herbal garden.  The literary club organizes translation day and other activities.  The science club conducts an exhibition on Science Day.  A blood donation camp is conducted in the month of February every year.  Teacher trainees visit Nirmal Hriday, Sishu Bhavan and spend a day with the inmates, washing their clothes and surroundings,.  Some visit the nearby villages along with the staff members for health awareness campaign.  They also visit Parivar Kalyan Sanshtan, run by Tata Motors to get a first hand knowledge of malnourished children.  The Hindi / English method students make a visit to a languature  lab in one of the city colleges.